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The Buckingham Breakfast Collection is packed with modern features and the latest technology. Most products in the collection feature a blue light that comes on when in use and is designed to tell you when the heat is just right for your tea, toast and coffee. Elegantly housed in brushed steel, each piece will take pride of place in the heart of your kitchen.

Buckingham Grind and Brew Coffee Maker20060-56

Buckingham Kettle20460-56

Buckingham Coffee Maker20680-56

Buckingham Toaster20740-56

Buckingham Digital Kettle21040-56

Buckingham 2 Slice Toaster

The Buckingham Stainless 2 Slice Toaster is ideal for toast lovers who want to expand their bread choices. With wider slots you don’t have to slice your bread thinly at breakfast time. Instead you can enjoy bagels, crumpets or larger, thicker slices.

Buckingham Kettle

The sleek and modern Buckingham Kettle has a quiet boil feature that makes it up to 75% quieter* than a standard kettle. It’s perfect for early risers or night owls who don’t want to wake the family when they make a hot drink.

Buckingham Coffee Maker

If you love the great taste of coffee, you’ll love the freshly filtered flavours of coffee from a Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. It reaches optimum brewing temperature 50% faster* and features advanced showerhead technology so you can enjoy a richer coffee flavour with less wasted in the filter.

Buckingham Digital Kettle

The Buckingham Digital Kettle features digital temperature technology that lets you set it to the optimal temperature for every hot drink you make.

Buckingham Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

To guarantee ultimate enjoyment, you can also choose the strength of your coffee, from mild to strong, so you will achieve your perfect coffee with every brew.