Here you'll find classic Russell Hobbs products! These kitchen heroes combine functionality with high quality materials and elegant design.

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Classics Raclette19560-56

Classics Citrus Press22760-56

Salt & Pepper Grinder23460-56

Classics 2 Portion Sandwich Maker24520-56

Classics Fast Bake Breakmaker

A Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Breadmaker makes breadmaking really easy - you simply insert the ingredients, select the programme you want and the breadmaker does the mixing and baking for you. It has a time delay function that allows you to set it to have your loaf ready as soon as you get up or get in from work. It also has adjustable crust control so you can have bread as well done as you like.

Classics Raclette

Prepare a feast for 12 people on the half marble, half metal cooking plate and show off by cooking in front of guests, or you can even let them cook for themselves – the ultimate in dinner party entertainment.

Classics Citrus Press

With its rotating juicing cones, extracting the juice of large and small fruits is quick and easy. The juicing cone rotates automatically as soon as the fruit is applied, so there's no need to waste time squeezing by hand. With auto-reversing action, the cone is designed to extract the maximum amount of juice with the minimum fuss and mess. Best of all it comes with two interchangeable cones; a small one for lemons and limes and a larger one for oranges and grapefruits.

Classics Coffee Grinder

With a simple push button control, in less than a couple of minutes you'll have up to 100g of freshly ground coffee. You can also use as many or as few coffee beans as you need to make from 2-12 cups. 

Salt & Pepper Grinder

They have a ceramic grinding system built-in that's fully adjustable for fine or coarse grinding. As well as peppercorns and sea salt crystals, you can fill them with herbs and dried spices to add even more flavours to your dish.

Classics 2 Portion Sandwich Maker

Being the perfect toasted treat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert you can experiment with your flavours for a tasty delight that awakens your taste buds.