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The striking Desire Range is a contemporary collection of classic kitchen essentials in a bold combination of black and red. Perfect for people who are passionate about food and home dining, this beautifully designed range is underpinned by quality, uncompromised functionality and reliability.

Desire Hand Blender24690-56

Desire 3-in-1 Hand Blender24700-56

Desire Juicer24740-56

Desire Hand Mixer24670-56

Desire Jug Blender24720-56

Desire Food Processor24730-56

Desire Kitchen Machine23480-56

Desire Mini Chopper24660-56

Desire Food Slicer, Shredder & Grater22280-56

Desire Food Slicer, Shredder & Grater

Combining form and function, this stainless-steel grating, shredding and slicing tool boasts a sleek and contemporary design in red and black. Easy to use and easy to clean, it takes all the hard work out of preparing food.

Desire Kitchen Machine

From cupcakes, to pastries and pies, the clever Desire Kitchen Machine can help you tackle a repertoire of recipes from simple batters to more complex culinary challenges. Whatever your recipe, your stylish Kitchen Machine can mix, beat and whisk a host of ingredients in one unit to the exact consistency you need at the touch of a button.

Desire Mini Chopper

It’s the perfect solution for speedy chopping up various ingredients – this mini chopper can do it all. Being the perfect helping hand to have in your kitchen you can effortlessly chop, dice and slice your way through every task. Whether you’re chopping up onions to sneak into your little ones lasagne or you’re slicing up cucumber to add into your salad – no task is too tough for the Desire Mini Chopper.

Desire Hand Mixer

Perfect for making a feast of flavoursome foods, from melt in your mouth mashed potatoes to that fluffy cake mixture that’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth – the hand mixer can do it all. In a deep and luxurious berry red the Desire Hand Mixer is as striking in appearance as it is in performance and we’re certain it will be everything you desire.

Desire Hand Blender

Whether you’re blending vegetables for a get well soup that will cure your little ones sniffles or you’re blitzing up a refreshing morning smoothie pre gym – this hand blender has you covered.

Desire 3 In 1 Hand Blender

Saving you both storage space and time on switching between appliances you can now be blending, chopping, whisking or mixing all with one versatile appliance. Combining a sophisticated and luxurious red and a bold statement black, the Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender is as spectacular in performance as it is in appearance. You can be making dips for your dinner party one minute and finely chopping up ingredients to sneak into your little ones lasagne the next. The Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender still gives you that hands on approach you love in your cooking but takes care of all the hard work and spares you the arm ache.

Desire Jug Blender

Taking pride of place on your kitchen counter this jug blender is stunningly beautiful and striking in performance. Whether you’re making that special get-well soup that always cures your colds or a tangy tomato soup your little ones love, the Desire Jug Blender can blitz and blend a variety of ingredients to create flavoursome foods you can’t find anywhere but home.

Desire Food Processor

Being the perfect sous chef, the Desire Food Processor is designed to take care of the more mundane tasks of cooking so you have more time to enjoy the parts you really love. Whether you need to chop up some chunky vegetables for a casserole or you need a little help finely slicing up ingredients to sneak into your little ones spaghetti bolognese – this food processor will bring ease to every meal you make at home.

Desire Juicer

Whether you’re making a very berry juice with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries or you’re making a classic apple juice that your little ones will love – you can juice it all with the Desire juice Extractor.