Perfect your culinary skills with our new EasyPrep range that makes rummaging around for attachments a thing of the past. The intuitive design with flush fitting buttons means the products are easy to use and easy to clean, while the integrated storage options put you back in control of your kitchen and can fit in even the smallest kitchen cupboards. EasyPrep eliminates the clutter that doesn’t matter to make room for the performance that does.

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EasyPrep 3 in 1 Hand Blender22980-56

EasyPrep Jug Blender22990-56

EasyPrep Hand Mixer

Its minimal fuss attachments just clip straight onto the body, and its cord wraps easily around the bottom, keeping your kitchen clutter free.

With a classic glossy white against a sophisticated stainless steel, this hand mixer will not only make your kitchen more stylish, but your life simpler. Now, we know baking can be plenty of fun, but all that mixing and whisking can be seriously hard work. Sometimes making a batch of cupcakes can feel like you’ve done a full gym workout on your arms. We want you to be able to enjoy your baking without the aching, which is why this hand mixer could be a real helping hand.

EasyPrep 3 In 1 Hand Blender

Not only can it be stored away easily with a cord that wraps around itself and parts that can be stacked on top of each other, but it also lets you blend, chop and whisk all with just one handy appliance.

Whether you’re chopping up some mushrooms to sneak them into your little ones lasagne, blitzing up some healthy dips for a dinner party or whisking up a cake mix for a little sweet treat, the 3 in 1 Hand Blender has you covered. A simple change of parts can have you tackling every task with just one simple tool.

EasyPrep Jug Blender

Then the EasyPrep Jug Blender is the solution for you. Its clever design that allows the jug to be flipped over and stored over the base, means you can save 1/3 of its height- ideal for if you’re short on cupboard space.