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This classically chic and modern collection brings ultimate class to your kitchen. Whether it’s your first house or a stylish city centre apartment, its intense black, shiny silver and glass viewing windows give it a sophisticated and trendy look.

Elegance Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe23370-56

Elegance Kettle23830-70

Elegance 2 Slice Toaster23380-56

Elegance Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe

Best of all, not only does its smart and stylish design scream sophistication, but it’s also incredibly speedy and we know you don’t always have time to wait around for a great tasting refreshment. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up before work or the school run, our faster brewing technology reaches optimum brewing temperature in less than one minute meaning it’s designed to fit in with even the most demanding lifestyles.

Elegance Kettle

What’s the most used appliance in your kitchen? We’re guessing that it’s probably your kettle – after all, who doesn’t enjoy a lovely cup of tea, a quick coffee or even an instant hot chocolate? Whether you take your tea with or without caffeine, or prefer a fruitier version, the Elegance Kettle will keep you refreshed, while adding a refined look to your kitchen.

Elegance 2 Slice Toaster

Whether you’re making your little ones breakfast before school or you're grabbing a quick snack on your way out to work, we want your waiting time to be minimal.