The Fiesta Collection is designed to bring people together over good home cooked food. The collection makes sociable dining easy and adds some fun to your cooking range. With its stylish good looks and easy-to-use designs, our innovative products capture the art of cooking and eating with family and friends at the table.

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Fiesta 3 in 1 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker24540-56

Fiesta 3-in-1 Cake Maker24620-56

Fiesta Crepe Maker

With a lip around the edge to stop batter dripping onto your worktop, it makes no mess, no fuss crepes! It also has a spreader to help you achieve an even size and shape. A button heats the plate and when the batter sets, you simply use the spreader provided to check that it's cooked underneath, and then turn it over.

Fiesta Fondue Maker

It also has a constant source of power, so there’s no need to worry about candles or gas flames going out. Which also means the pot will heat up faster and the temperature of your fondue will be even throughout. With its stainless steel dishwasher-safe bowl, it's an easy appliance to clean and maintain for use time and again..

Fiesta Removable Plate Griddle

The Russell Hobbs Fiesta Griddle has a removable dishwasher safe griddle plate with a 50cm x 26cm cooking surface for grilling meat, fish and vegetables. It's large enough to take several pieces at once so that you can cook individual portions to your guests' tastes.

Fiesta 8 Pan Multi Raclette

The raclette has a stone cooking plate and 8 raclette pans so that everyone can have a go at cooking their favourite raclette food at the table. With its stylish good looks and easy-to-use design, this fun cooking appliance brings people together over good home cooked food.

Fiesta Popcorn Maker

With the capacity to cook up to 12 cups of popcorn, this machine is fully equipped to feed the family for the entire film. But that’s not even the best part! It’s low calorie, so you can eat as much as you like! The Fiesta Popcorn Maker uses hot air circulation to pop your corn, removing the need for oil and fat, so you can fully enjoy movie night and eat your favourite snack without the guilt.

Fiesta 3 In 1 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker

With 3 removable grill plates including a waffle plate, toastie plate and grill plate you can easily swap between them all for easy and fuss-free cooking. Whether you’re decorating waffles in endless topping with your little ones, grilling some bacon for your breakfast or even toasting a cheesy golden toasty for a lunchtime snack – the 3 in 1 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker can do it all.

Fiesta 3 In 1 Cake Maker

Do you hate having to rummage through the cupboard to find the right baking tin? With the Fiesta 3 in 1 Cake, Waffle and Donut Maker, you can now just easily swap the removal plates to cook whatever you’re craving. You’ll also get to experience all of the excitement of baking without the chore of cleaning up! Simply wipe down the plates after use or remove them and put them in the dishwasher, for an easy clean up.