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Geo Steel

Geo Steel

The eye-catching embossed metal texture of the Geo Steel Collection sets it apart. Breaking new ground with the materials used as well as the geometric aesthetic, this collection is destined to get everyone’s attention and endure.

Geo Steel Kettle25240-70

Geo Steel 2 Slice Toaster25250-56

Geo Steel Coffee Maker25270-56

Geo Steel Kettle

Letting you pour a brew from a kettle you’re proud of, you can enjoy a speedy morning brew thanks to the Rapid Boil Zone Markers, that let you Boil One Cup in under 45 Seconds*. And always know when your kettle is on and boiling, thanks to the Clear Illumination.

*1 cup is equal to 235ml

Geo Steel 2 Slice Toaster

Adding a premium touch to your kitchen counter, this contemporary style toaster will make a lasting impression, every morning at breakfast. Its Clear Illumination lights up when your toaster is on and toasting, whilst adding to its high-tech design. The toaster’s Wide Chassis means you can toast a wider selection of breads, letting you really enjoy those chunky slices that satisfy your stomach.

Geo Steel Coffee Maker

Do you love coffee? Are you looking for a coffee maker with a contemporary style? With an eye-catching, embossed metal texture and geometric aesthetic, this coffee maker will make a statement in your kitchen. Enjoy waking up to a morning coffee that’s ready for you, thanks to the 24 Hour Programmable Timer. And its Clear Illumination not only adds to the high-tech design, but also lets you know when your coffee machine is on and brewing.