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Light and Easy Brights

Light and Easy Brights

Could you think of anything duller than an iron with no colour? The Light and Easy Brights Collection works to brighten up your ironing experience with a collection of bold colours designed to represent your distinct and unique personalities. Let your iron reflect you and most importantly, love the colour that you are.

Light & Easy Brights Mango Iron24800-56

Available colours:

Light & Easy Brights Mulberry Iron24820-56

Available colours:

Light & Easy Brights Sapphire Iron24830-56

Available colours:

Light & Easy Brights Aqua Iron24840-56

Available colours:

Light & Easy Bright Mango Iron

Then you are the marvellous Mango. Let your bold personality shine through your bright and brilliant iron that even has a coloured sole plate. Not only is it trendy and vibrant, but just like your personality -there’s nothing dull about it.

Light & Easy Bright Mulberry Iron

Then you are definitely the majestic Mulberry. We’ve covered every corner of this iron, from the body to the sole plate in the bright and memorable Mulberry that proudly showcases your wonderful personality. You have finally met your match with this energetic iron that’s always raring to go and the perfect companion to help you work your way through those wrinkles.

Light & Easy Bright Sapphire Iron

Then you are the selfless Sapphire and we want you to make this statement with style! Your honest and modest nature means you don’t like to brag about yourself, but we think it’s time you were reminded of how truly special you are and with the Sapphire iron you will be. We’ve even brightened up the ceramic infused soleplate too, to iron some of those well-loved traits into your clothes.

Light & Easy Bright Aqua Iron

Then you are definitely the awe-inspiring Aqua. We know how much you love your quiet time and we want to make your ironing experience that little bit more harmonious. With an Aqua body and sole plate, you can be soothed by the relaxing blue, whist being reminded of all of the wonderful attributes you have.