The MaxiCook range allows you to cook on your own terms. The extra-large capacities allow you to plan ahead and prepare big batches from scratch.

MaxiCook 6L Searing Slow Cooker22750-56

MaxiCook 3 Tier Digital Steamer23560-56

MaxiCook 14 Cup Rice Cooker23570-56

MaxiCook Curved Grill & Griddle22940-56

MaxiCook 6L Searing Slow Cooker

Whether you have lots of mouths to feed, or want to cook several portions and freeze individual portions, the generous 6-litre capacity makes up to 8 portions of food. That’s even the busiest dinner table taken care of, with one big pot of food that’s been slow-cooked during the day. Spend more time enjoying the family, or simply putting your feet up.

MaxiCook 3 Tier Digital Steamer

Our 3 tier steamer is designed to allow different levels of food to be steamed at once. The result: A delicious, nutritious low fat meal that was a breeze to prepare.

MaxiCook 14 Cup Rice Cooker

With a massive 5 litre volume bowl, that can cook up to 14 cups of rice means cooking in large quantities has never been easier. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll enjoy consistent results every time. It’s a rice cooker that’s just as at home in the family kitchen, as it would be catering for larger parties.

MaxiCook Curved Grill & Griddle

Keep all the sizzle and flavour of food, whilst seeing the excess fat and grease drain away. The clever side-sloping griddles drain unwanted fat and grease, into 2 integrated drip trays. Simply clean the drip trays and cooking plates, once the griddle has cooled down.