The Victory Collection combines sleek, stainless steel with bold black accents – being a triumph in any kitchen. Whether it’s a comforting cuppa with friends or a crunchy slice of toast just the way your little ones like it – the Victory range is there for every occasion. 

Victory Kettle23930-70

Victory Compact Kettle24990-70

Victory Toaster23310-56

Victory 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster23310-57

Victory Long Slot 2 Slice Toaster23510-56

Victory 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster23520-56

Victory Coffee Maker24030-56

Victory Grind & Brew Coffee Maker22000-56

Victory Kettle

The Victory Kettle is the only necessity in your kitchen. In a strong stainless steel with black, plastic accents this kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen counter. The Victory Kettle is not only timeless in design but also confident in performance with its perfect pour spout and rapid boil zones feature. If your lifestyle is demanding but you love a good cup of tea, always have time to squeeze one in as the Victory Kettle boils one cup in just 50 seconds*

Victory Compact Kettle

A stylish addition to any kitchen, the Victory Compact Kettle stainless-steel finish offers a simple touch of understated style. Still with an impressive 1 litre capacity, this Victory Compact Kettle offers a solution to restricted kitchens with the same uncompromised performance. So make a cup for you, or tea for a few and sit down, relax and enjoy quality ‘you’ time.

Victory 2 Slice Toaster

There’s so many clever parts to our toaster, you’ll wonder how your kitchen functioned without it. Breakfast will never be mediocre again, with a bun warming rack for patisserie-fresh croissants and petit pains. The extra-wide slots are fantastic for thick slices of bread and scones. The handy ‘defrost’ and ‘cancel’ functions put you in control, and the integrated cord storage and non slip feet keep toasting safe and tidy.

Victory 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster

The sandwich toaster comes with two ready to use bread baskets. These ensure that your sandwich can be safely lowered and lifted, never touching the toaster’s elements. This means you’ll get an evenly toasted sandwich that couldn’t be simpler to make. Don’t ever be left with a cold or burnt sandwich. The toaster will make a sound to let you know when toasting has finished and the adjustable browning control makes it easy to control toasting times and preferences.

Victory 2 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Its longer slots are designed for a selection of bread types so instead of simply choosing a standard sliced loaf you can try toasting bagels or baguettes.

Victory 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Some people like light toast, some like dark. We’re all different and the adjustable browning control makes it easy to control toasting times. Simply turn it up or down to suit your tastes and the type of bread inside the toaster. With room for 4 slices, it’s the perfect toaster for feeding many hungry mouths at once.

Victory Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Simply pop the beans in the grinding mill, select your preference – from coarsely ground to fine, choose your strength and the number of cups you want, hit the button and go. You’ll enjoy delicious coffee in just a few moments.