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Retro Ribbon Red Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe


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Retro Ribbon Red Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

Russell Hobbs Retro Coffee Maker – Iconic styling and advanced features for great tasting coffee every time

The stunning Russell Hobbs Retro Coffee Maker is a kitchen essential for the coffee connoisseur. Its retro styling includes a host of advanced features designed to improve your coffee making experience - and enhance the taste of the end result.

Showerhead technology extracts more of the coffee flavour

This great coffee maker uses advanced showerhead technology during the brewing process for better extraction and improved coffee flavour*. The shower function efficiently sprays all of the coffee in the filter to ensure every grain is drenched and waste is reduced. Because more of the coffee is used, your freshly filtered coffee should taste even better. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, this advanced machine makes delicious coffee just how you like it.

Designed for making a ‘coffee shop’ coffee at home

Nothing can replace the pleasure of enjoying your favourite coffee in your favourite coffee shop but with one of these machines in your kitchen you can enjoy the experience at home too.

Glass carafe with 1.25L capacity

The Glass Carafe allows you to make up to 1.25 litres at a time so it’s ideal if you like to keep your coffee levels topped up. It’s large enough to make after-dinner coffee for everyone, and its keep warm feature means even your second or third cup will be as piping hot as the first. To help you get the measures right, it has a handy one cup coffee scoop so you’ll only use the amount of coffee you need for the number of cups you’re making.#

It has so many practical and modern features
The Retro Coffee Maker has a large and stylish Brewing Progress Coffee Gauge. It’s not just a charming design feature; it allows you to keep an eye on the brewing progress and the length of time the ‘keep warm’ feature has been active. A Pause and Pour feature will stop the brewing process if you want to pour your first cup while the rest of your coffee is still brewing.

Inspired by iconic styling

The Retro Coffee Maker is a mix of iconic vintage styling and modern features you won’t be able to do without. With so many functions in such an attractive package, it’s safe to say that the Retro Coffee Maker will take pride of place at the heart of your home.



Brewing progress coffee gauge

Indicates the brewing progress and the length of time the keep warm feature has been active.

1.25 litre glass carafe

Sleek and stylish, this glass carafe is large enough to make 12 cups.

  • Stainless steel coffee maker with stunning retro accents
  • Coffee gauge showing brewing process & keep warm time
  • Advanced showerhead technology
  • Improved coffee extraction*
  • 1.25L glass carafe
  • Makes 10 large cups
  • Includes 1 cup perfect coffee spoon
  • Permanent, washable filter holder
  • Pause and Pour feature
  • Water level indicator


Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Includes Spoon

Includes Spoon

Red Brewing Progress Coffee Gauge

Red Brewing Progress Coffee Gauge

*vs Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker, No 21790-56