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Christmas Meat Loaf

Christmas Meat Loaf

Occasions Cuisines Meat



  • 1-2 packets smoked streaky bacon, approx. 20 strips
  • 3 chicken breasts/ 1 medium turkey breast, butterflied
  • 10 sprouts, leaves


For the sausage meat:

  • 500g sausage meat
  • 100g cooked chestnuts, chopped
  • 80g dried apricots, chopped
  • 50ml brandy
  • 3 shallots, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • ½ bunch sage
  • Salt and pepper to taste


For the stuffing:

  • 150g re hydrated stuffing mix
  • 70g dried cranberries
  • 40ml brandy

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  1. Soak the apricots in the brandy for approx. 20 minutes until soft.
  2. Soak the cranberries in the brandy for approx. 20 minutes until soft.
  3. Pre heat the olive oil over a medium heat and cook the chopped shallots and garlic.
  4. Cook the sprout leaves in boiling salted water for 45-60 seconds. Remove from boiling water and place straight into iced water. Drain and dry on kitchen paper.



  1. Combine the re-hydrated stuffing mix with the soaked cranberries.
  2. Roll out some cling film on the worktop, and place the stuffing evenly along the edge of the cling film closest to you. Roll tightly into a cylinder shape approx. 2cm in diameter. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  3. For the sausage meat, combine all other ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Set aside until ready to use.
  4. For the bacon, roll out a layer of cling film on the worktop approx. 50 cm long. Lay out 8-9 strips of bacon vertically, in the middle of the piece of cling film.
  5. Now horizontally, feed the rest of the bacon under and over the vertical strips, all the way along and all the way down, so you end up with a rectangle of bacon approx. 35cm wide and 20cm long.
  6. Cover the bacon with another piece of cling film and using a rolling pin lightly roll over the bacon. Refrigerate for 20 minutes and lightly roll again, then refrigerate until ready to use.


Assembling the Christmas Meat Loaf

  1. Roll out a large piece of cling film on a worktop and evenly lay the butterflied chicken breasts out, to form a rectangle approx. 35cm wide and 20cm long. You may need to cut some of the chicken into smaller pieces to form a rectangle.
  2. Cover with another layer of cling film and then lightly roll out using a rolling pin. Remove the top layer of cling film and season the chicken/ turkey.
  3. Spread the sausage meat mixture evenly over the chicken/ turkey.
  4. Lay the sprout leaves evenly on top of the sausage meat.
  5. Remove the rolled stuffing mixture from the fridge and carefully remove the cling film. Lay the stuffing roll in the middle of the Christmas Meat Loaf.
  6. Now, from the bottom edge of the rectangle closest to you, carefully roll over the stuffing in the middle, until the bottom edge reaches the top edge.
  7. Remove the bacon from the fridge and place the longer side in line with the edge of your worktop. Remove the top layer of cling film from the bacon and carefully manoeuvre the rolled Christmas Meat Loaf onto the bacon lengthways. Now roll the cling film under the bacon, over the edge of the Christmas Meat Loaf and then roll the whole thing over until the bacon meets at the other side. Carefully roll the ends of the cling film and tie nots in the end of each side of the cling film. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, before tying with the string.
  8. To tie with the string, first remove the Christmas Meat Loaf from the fridge and carefully remove the cling film. Place the Christmas Meat Loaf vertically on your worktop. Take the end of the string and tie it around the end of the Christmas Meat Loaf, furthest away from you. Repeat this approx. 6 times evenly down the Christmas Meat Loaf.



  1. Pre heat the mini oven to 200C on bake setting. Place the drip tray under the wire rack, then place the Christmas Meat Loaf onto the wire cooking rack. Cover with tin foil and place the wire rack onto the bottom shelf of the oven. Cook for approx. 30-40 minutes. Carefully remove the tin foil and cook for a further 20-30 minutes, until cooked through. Check using a temperature probe, if you do not have a temperature probe, then carefully using something sharp and thin pierce the Christmas Meat Loaf to the middle and check to see if the juices run clear.

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